Friday, July 15, 2016

ROAD TRIP - part 7


It was about midnight last night, when we decided to stop driving. There was a little motel with a light on, so I went in to inquire about a room. The first thing I saw was a sign: “SORRY, NO PETS”. I sighed and said, “no pets!” I must have look pitiful, because the man let us have a room anyway. Morning came too quick. We came across the newly discovered wonder… Tim Hortons. Jackie likes the muffins, and I had a delicious breakfast sandwich. Very good.

After our breakfast, we drove on over to see the boat. She is very nice, has a nice cabin. She does need cushions though. Easily taken care of. 
s/v Stella Maris
While Jackie and Jonas took care of business, Dickens and I retired to the backyard of the house. We both took a well deserved nap. After the business side of the trip was finished, Jackie and I had lunch at the neighborhood pub. As we were leaving, the Manager wanted us to taste a Butter Tart. We had seen the sign out front announcing their arrival. I took a bite, and told Jackie it tasted like a pecan pie without the pecans. The manager told us that they had some with pecans. I thought we were going to discover something new, but instead, not.

Next on the agenda was to find a pet friendly room for the night. The internet is very handy. We found one only 20 minutes from the boat. It turned out to be a Bed & Breakfast, without the breakfast… just the bed. That is fine with us, we know where there is a Tim Hortons! When we made the reservation over the phone, we didn't know the particulars of the room we were renting. We get there and it is a very nice place, but there is one king bed and the shower has glass walls. And there is a urinal in the toilet room. I later spoke with the owner of the home, and discovered this room used to be the master bedroom. It all made sense then.

Never seen one in a home.
Jackie’s Facebook friend, Gary Mussar, lives in the area and invited us to dinner. He and his wife took us to Fatboys in downtown Ottawa. This place has Bar-B-Que, Texas style with a little bit of Canada thrown in. I had the pulled pork poutine. It was very good, the gravy was very rich. I cleaned my plate!
The handle to the door is shaped like a gas pump.
No wine tonight. I’m full from dinner and it’s late. We leave early tomorrow morning with a 22’ boat in tow and long road ahead of us.

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